posted by 초식사자 2011.11.24 19:32 strCommand, [intWindowStyle],[bWaitOnReturn]

-strCommand : 실행할 명령
-intWindowStyle : 윈도우 스타일의 Int 값
-bWaitOnReturn : 스크립트를 계속 실행하기 이전에 명령이 완료되기를 기다릴지 여부의 boolean 값

Window Style
value description
0 Hide the window and activate another window
1 Activate and display the window. (restore size and position) Specify this flag when displaying a window for the first time
2 Activate & minimize
3 Activate & maximize
4 Restore. The active window remains active
5 Activate & Restore
6 Minimize & activate the next top-level window in the Z order
7 Minimize. The active window remains active
8 Display the window in its current state. The active window remains active
9 Restore & Activate. Specify this flag when restoring a minimized window
10 Sets the show-state based on the state of the program that started the application

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